The Nieuwe Willemshaven

A decor of naval heritage, an occasional cruise ship, a light ship, a sea tug, and many, many other attractions: during your stay in Harlingen you should not miss a visit to the Nieuwe Willemshaven, the place where you will find a very special mix of the nautical past, the contemporary industry, original and unique places to stay and surprising foods & drinks.

Ships in Harlingen

Tall Ships, sea- and river cruises, and a historic fleet. Discover all of the special ships you can encounter in the ports of Harlingen.

Ships in Harlingen

Willem Barentsz

In the Nieuwe Willemshaven, Willem Bartentsz’ ship “De Witte Swaen”, is rebuilt, as much as possible according to the Dutch building method as used at the end of the 16th century. From the 1st of April onwards, one can visit the visitor centre at the Nieuwe Willemshaven. Until that date, De Witte Swaen’s replica can viewed in the Noorderhaven.

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Caspar de Robles

Already in the 16th century, the Spanish lieutenant-governor Caspar de Robles acknowledged that a good seawall is of vital importance for the residents behind the dike. After the All Saints’ Flood in 1570, De Robles ordered to raise the dikes. It earned him a commemorative sign in the form of the Stone Man.

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