Around Harlingen

Harlingen is the ideal base to explore the region. Discover the other ten Frisian cities, visit one of the Wadden islands, or discover picturesque villages nearby. Located half an hour from the Frisian capital Leeuwarden and only one hour from Amsterdam. Harlingen Welcome at Sea. 


Afsluitdijk Wadden Center

The Afsluitdijk Wadden Center is located about 12 km from Harlingen. A remarkable piece of architecture in which you can experience the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site in full. Are you curious about the new developments on the Afsluitdijk and the Fish migration river? You will learn everything about it in an interactive way.

More about the Afsluitdijk Wadden Center

11 fountains

In 2018, in the year of the European Capital of Culture, 11 fountains were built in the 11 Frisian cities. One of these fountains can be found in Harlingen’s Noorderhaven. Discover also the other fountains in Friesland.

The 11 Fountains

2020: Long live the water

In Friesland, the year 2020 is all about water. Throughout the province, there are many activities in, on and around the water all year long. From active trips to beautiful exhibitions. In Harlingen , the exhibition Koele Wateren [“Cool Waters”] is shown most of the year. In addition, you can visit the Woudagemaal, which is 100 years old this year. Harlingen is a great base to discover the province Friesland.

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