Beach of Harlingen

The beach of Harlingen is located near the historical city center from a short walking distance. The beach is also directly connected to the Westerzeedijk and the Wadden Sea which is one of the many natural World Heritage Sites. Due to the effects of ebb and flow, the size of the beach varies every time. Depending on the time of the year, the beach of Harlingen is a beautiful place to take some fresh air, to relax in the sun or to dive into the fresh salty water. The beach is available for everyone throughout the entire year and therefore, it is an excellent place to relax during every season. Above that, the view of the Waddensea will never be boring!


Calmness and the environment

At the boundary of the Wadden Sea, you optimally experience the calmness and the unique surroundings which is very normal to us Frisians and Harlingers. Grasp the special feeling of the Wadden Sea World Heritage, walk across the bottom of the sea and experience the effects of the tides with your own feet. Moreover, a floating pier (also called pontoon) of 200 meters in the length and 3 meters in the width is connected to the beach. You could literally walk on top of the sea and dive into the fresh water at the end of the pier.

Dogs on the beach
Did you bring your loyal dog with you? Of course you are allowed to take your dog with you to the beach, but notice that you will need to keep your dog on a leash in summer season. However, your dog can run free on the beach from September until April. Thus, the remaining months (May until August) your dog should be on a leash.

Locations - near the beach

De Stenen Man (The Man of Stone)

De Stenen Man ("de Stiennen Man" in Frisian; the Man of Stone in English) is a national monument on the Westerzeedijk. In 1576, a severe flood damaged the dikes in Harlingen to a large extent. Many Frisians were led by Caspar de Robles, known as one of the previous governors of Friesland, in which he advised to restore the dikes as soon as possible. When the work was finished, a statue was placed to mark the border of the northern and southern sides of the dike. De Stenen Man became the name of that statue and it still remembers De Robles until today.

Parking at the beach of Harlingen
Parking is free at the large parking lot on the Westerzeedijk or click here for more parking opportunities.

A little break

Would you prefer to have a small break after a stroll across the beach? You can enjoy the spectacular view of the Wadden Sea with a delicious meal and drink at Strandpaviljoen 't Zilt.

Strandpaviljoen ‘t Zilt

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