Harlingen Welcome at Sea

Bordering the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site, Harlingen is a tough magnet for those who love the wind and the water, but just as attractive for lovers of a glorious, nautical past. Go on a voyage of discovery through beautiful warehouses, view the beautiful facades, stroll along lively inland ports and through atmospheric streets. Here you will find all your inspiration for a visit to Harlingen, one of the oldest seaport cities in the Netherlands and the most beautiful city in Friesland.

Highlights - Welcome to Harlingen

Seaport City of Friesland

Harlingen is the town of naval heroes and treasuries. You can find the naval heroes in the ports, at the beach, and on the water. They fight the elements and discover new destinations. When you walk through the retaining wall [“keermuur”] you will find the town’s treasuries, such as the magnificent Noorderhaven with its monuments, the Frisian Blue potteries, the lovely shops and boutiques, and the nice restaurants.

Naval Heroes

True seamen that defy weather and wind to fish, trade, or travel the world. For centuries, Harlingen has been the only seaport in Friesland that served as the base for proud sailors, which is reflected throughout the entire town. Discover our heroes of the sea or become one yourself.

Meet our Naval Heroes


Nowhere else in Europe you will find so many carefully restored monuments located on a comparable number of square meters, recalling a lively past of merchant and trade. Only in Harlingen. Majestic warehouses, beautiful patrician houses, lively inland ports, canals, and bridges colour the town centre. Add to that a lively range of shops, a museum and a selection of bars, restaurants, and nice terraces and you have every reason to see and experience Harlingen.

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City center of Harlingen

Did you know that Harlingen has one of the oldest city centers of the Netherlands? On your journey, you'll find beautiful warehouses with wonderful facades. Enjoy a stroll through the vivid inner harbours and the atmospheric streets. The historic city center of Harlingen has a lot to offer: from cozy cafes and great shops, to speciality shops.

Discover the city center of Harlingen