Parking in Harlingen

Are you going to Terschelling or Vlieland soon? Or are you visiting Harlingen? There is no need to worry about parking. Simply book your space in advance for the long-term car parks P1/P2/P3 (formerly 'Tsjerk Hiddes'). You will be assured of a space for your car, and you can drive into one of our parking facilities based on your registration number. Can't make a reservation? Don't worry. You can still park with us; there is always plenty of parking.

Please note:

  • The rate for a pre-booked parking spot is €7.50 per calendar day, while the rate for non-reserved parking spots is €8.50 per calendar day. If additional charges need to be paid, the rate of €8.50 per calendar day also applies. All mentioned prices include VAT.

  • When entering your license plate, only use letters and numbers in the correct order. Hyphens, spaces, and other characters are not allowed.

  • You can cancel your reservation free of charge up to 2 days before the start date. After this, canceling costs €2.50 up until the start date. After the start date of your reservation, canceling is no longer possible.

  • Having trouble making a reservation? Try using a different internet browser such as Google Chrome.

  • Haven't reserved or can't reserve anymore? Don't worry, there is always plenty of parking available.

Reserve island parking

Stichting Beheer Parkeergelden InPublic

InPublic B.V.

InPublic BV, provding parking service on behalf of the municipality of Harlingen (Chamber of Commerce number: 63500515 / VAT no: NL001608836B05). Part of the service is the processing of bookings (for parking spaces) through this website. Reservations are handled and processed by InPublic BV in accordance with the general terms and conditions of the municipality of Harlingen.


Contact details

Municipality of Harlingen c/a InPublic BV
Nikkelstraat 24, 3067 GR Rotterdam
T: +31 (0) 517 - 41 35 27 (available between 07:00 - 20:30).