Special ships in Harlingen

Tall Ships, river and sea cruise ships, historic ships, passenger ships and a lightship. These are just a few of the special ships you are likely to encounter in the harbours of Harlingen, or on the water. Harlingen is also the home and/or main base of a wide variety of ships. Other ships (mainly Tall Ships) are regular, and very welcome, guests in Harlingen; many of them are on their way to destinations abroad. When visiting Harlingen, you will never know exactly what kind of ships you will encounter. You are sure to be surprised, every time again.

De Holland

Harlingen is the main base of the sturdy and monumental ship Zeesleepboot Holland. Did you know that this seagoing tug belonged to shipping company Rederij Doeksen from 1951 until 1976? Later, with the help of volunteers, the ship was restored to its original splendour. Nowadays, this monumental ship is used for day trips, events, and special trips abroad.


Harlingen is the home port of the three-masted barquentine Thalassa. Did you know that this name means 'sea goddess' in Greek mythology? The Thalassa is an exceptionally seaworthy and strong ship. With a surface area of no less than 800m2 and 14 sails, the Thalassa is an imposing sight. You can find her at the Dokkade. When the ship is not in Harlingen, she is on her way to new shores with her passengers, braving the elements at sea. 

Expeditionship Willem Barentsz

When we think of Dutch naval heroes, Willem Barentsz is certainly one of them. We are proud to be the home port of the reconstruction of the Witte Swaen, the expedition ship of Willem Barentsz. After 10 years (and 30,000 hours of work by volunteers), the ship is almost ready. The Witte Swaen bobs in the Dok during the summer season, and in the winter you will find the ship near the city hall of Harlingen in the Noorderhaven harbour.  

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Lightship Jenni Baynton

Did you know that the lightshipJenni Baynton has a very special history? In 1949, the ship served as a floating lighthouse just off the English coast. Later, in the 1990s, it was used as a disco. And between 2005 and 2015, Radio Waddenzee broadcasted from the ship. Today, you can find the ship moored at the Zuiderpier, in harbour The Nieuwe Willemshaven.

Three-masted barque Artemis

The three-masted barque Artemis is a magnificent example of seafaring tradition. This imposing three-master was named after the goddess of the hunt. The ship was originally built in 1926 for whaling purposes. Later, it was used as a cargo ship between Asia and South America. Today, the three-master offers its passengers a great nautical experience. 

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Harlingen met zonsondergang

Bark Europa

The Bark Europa was built in 1911 as a lightship and in the 1980s was rebuilt as a sailing ship in the Netherlands. This three-masted barque is best known for its annual expeditions to Antarctica. The ship has sailed to many destinations in various continents and is therefore also called the Ocean Wanderer. The Europa also takes part in the Tall Ships Races, the world’s largest international ocean racing event for sail training ships. 


Ms Friesland

The Ms Friesland is the largest ship of shipping company Rederij Doeksen on the line Harlingen-Terschelling. The ship can accommodate no less than 1100 passengers. Other interesting ships of Rederij Doeksen include Ms Willem de Vlamingh and Ms Willem Barentsz. These 'green boats' are the first LNG ferries in the Netherlands and are known for their low emissions. 

The ship De Sittard

The ship De Sittard can be found in De Nieuwe Willemshaven and is mostly used for the training of sea cadets.

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