Tall Ships Races Harlingen 2022

Ahoy naval heroes! In the summer of 2022, Harlingen presents you the world's most beautiful tall ships with its international crew and trainees. Armadas with three masts, sailors on the quay, and the fragrance of sails and ropes - during The Tall Ships Races Harlingen 2022, Harlingen is surrounded by the nautical ambiance. We are proud to say that Harlingen will be our decor again of this huge maritime with allure. It certainly will be a very promising event with many enjoyable festivities. The ships will sail in Harlingen on the 14th of July 2022. May we welcome you in Harlingen at sea?

Crossing Borders


Routes with pictures of Tall Ships Races Harlingen

From Saturday the 18th of September 2021, different routes with pictures are launched to get the inhabitants and visitors in the mood for the races in 2022. On the northern side of the Noorderhaven, pictures of the theme 'Tall ships around the World' display the Tall Ships in the most known global cities such as Rio de Janeiro and Istanbul. On the southern side of the Noorderhaven, there are plenty of beautiful pictures that show the impressionable Tall Ships. Eventually, the third route on the city center side of the Zuiderhaven gives a comprehensible impression of trainees between 15 until 25 years old and their life on board.

Event with allure

Harlingen and the Tall Ships Races can obviously be seen as a strong combination. In 2014, Harlingen welcomed more than 200.000 visitors in our wonderful port. The amount of visitors even increased to 335.000 in 2018. Next to that, we set a world record in Harlingen by delegating 337 trainees. In 2022, Harlingen becomes the host port of the spectacular Tall Ships Races. Eighty to hundred Tall Ships participate in this maritime event with thousands of trainees from over thirty countries.

Tall Ships Experience Center

Did you know that the Tall Ships Experience Center was recently opened at the Nieuwe Willemshaven? You find lots of information there about the special history of the Tall Ships, the races and the development of the largest nautical spectacle in Harlingen. Besides that, youth can be inspired to join the sailing as a trainee during the race. You will be getting ready for the journey of a lifetime.

Discover the Experience Center

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See you soon at The Tall Ships Races Harlingen 2022

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