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Thinking of going on a city trip in Friesland? Well, don’t ask yourself if you will go, but when you will go. After all, there is a lot to discover in Friesland during a city trip. Not only because of Friesland’s rich culture and unique history – the province is also guaranteed to exceed your expectations in other areas. And for a city trip in Friesland, you can choose from no less than eleven beautiful cities, including Harlingen. A city full of history, culture, museums, restaurants, shops, outdoor cafés and unique sights. Harlingen, Welcome to the Seaside!

City trip in Harlingen

On your city trip in Harlingen, you will be taken past centuries-old warehouses and breath-taking façades that tell the city’s story. In the lively inner harbours, you will learn about the nautical past the city owes its vibrant character to. The charming streets, cosy outdoor cafés and unique shopping make Harlingen a place where everyone enjoys themselves, feels welcome and can unwind. The Harlingen beach and the murmur of the sea add to this relaxing atmosphere.

Taking in the culture of the Frisian seaport town

When you arrive in Harlingen, you will find yourself instantly immersed in the port town’s rich history and nautical past. Although Harlingen is not the largest of the Frisian eleven cities, it is the city with the highest number of historical monuments. There are 600 national heritage sites and more than 140 municipal monuments in Harlingen. The town breathes culture. No wonder almost the entire town centre has been designated as a conservation area.

Curious about which sights you can visit during your city break in Harlingen? Below you will find the full list.

Discover the historical monuments
Tsjerk Hiddes monument in Harlingen op de Grote Bredeplaats

Wining and dining in Harlingen

When you think of Harlingen, fine dining may not be the first thing that comes to your mind. However, the town has surprisingly much to offer in this regard. Getting hungry during your city getaway? There are several bistros, grand cafés and restaurants to satisfy your appetite.

The town centre of Harlingen is also known for its cosy outdoor cafés, where you can relax with a drink after a long day of sightseeing or shopping. Are you a lover of specialty beers? Then we recommend a visit to Havenbrouwerij Het Brouwdok, also known as Harlingen’s haven. Their Baltic Porter was voted best beer in the north of the Netherlands, so it’s really a must to try it.

Tastes differ, but in Harlingen there is something for everyone. See below for all restaurants and cafés.

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Enjoyable shopping during your city trip

Is your city trip not complete without an afternoon of enjoyable shopping? Discover the full range of shops in Harlingen by strolling through the various cosy streets and alleys of the town centre during your city trip. Over 80 shops can be discovered in Harlingen, including many unique boutiques and lifestyle shops. You will also find many well-known chain shops in and around the town centre, such as Bristol, Bruna, HEMA and Action. There is plenty to choose from in Harlingen for an afternoon of great shopping.

Want to know which shops there are in Harlingen? We have listed the full range of shops below.

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City trip by the sea

If, after an exciting visit to the town centre, you want to unwind in nature, Harlingen is the perfect location. Harlingen is on the doorstep of World Heritage Site the Wadden Sea and offers not only the exciting hustle and bustle in and around its harbours, but also the peace and quiet of the sea. The Harlingen beach is within walking distance of the city centre. This place, where ebb and flow rule, is the best spot to enjoy the setting sun at the end of the day. Here, you can relax and completely unwind.

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Unforgettable accommodations for your city getaway in Harlingen

Harlingen is known for its hospitality and has a wide range of hotels, bed and breakfasts and other types of accommodation to choose from. So if you want to spend the night in Harlingen during your city trip, you will be able to find something quickly. Are you looking for something special? There are a number of accommodations that will make your stay unforgettable. Examples include staying in a listed building, in a lighthouse, harbour crane, funnel, or on a lifeboat.

Are you looking for the perfect accommodation for your city trip? Below you will find all accommodation options conveniently listed

Hassle-free trip to Harlingen by train

Many people who go on a city trip choose to leave their car at home and use public transport. Traveling by train is a perfect option for your stay in Harlingen, as there are excellent bus and train connections in town. The train trip from Leeuwarden to the train station in Harlingen Haven takes just under half an hour and takes you through the beautiful Frisian countryside. As soon as you get off the train you will experience the nautical character of the port town. And you are within walking distance of the town centre. So your city getaway starts from the moment you disembark the train.

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Harlingen is easily reached by car

Prefer to come by car for your city getaway in Harlingen? From the Afsluitdijk, it is not far to the Harlingen exit. Or you can drive past Leeuwarden to the town, via the A31. When you arrive in Harlingen, spacious, accessible and in some cases secure parking facilities are available. In Harlingen, you never have to worry about parking your car. This way, you can rest assured that your city trip is relaxing from the moment you arrive.

Want to be well prepared before you are on your way? Discover all parking options in Harlingen here.

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