Five reasons for a holiday by the sea

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The word ‘holiday’ usually evokes images of the sun, the beach and the sea. And that makes sense, because the sea gives you the ultimate feeling of freedom. The murmur of the sea brings complete relaxation. That is exactly what a holiday is for. Right? Still unsure about where to spend your next holiday? Here are five reasons for spending your holiday by the Wadden Sea.

1. A holiday by the sea is healthy

A seaside holiday is proven to be good for your health. By the sea, you are fitter, suffer less from physical ailments and have more energy. This has everything to do with the ions (molecules) in the air.

The salty sea air contains many negatively charged ions. These help your body absorb the oxygen in the air much better. This not only reduces headaches and fatigue, but it also improves your concentration, strengthens your immune system and increases your body’s resistance.

This is why sea air is called ‘the medicine you can breathe in’. And you can put all that extra oxygen to good use during your seaside holiday, because the sunset will definitely take your breath away.

2. Breath-taking sunsets

Countless poems have been written about it, paintings made of it, and photos taken of it: the sunset. Nowhere is it as beautiful as by the sea. Therefore, the second reason for a holiday by the Wadden Sea is the stunning palette of colours that fills the sky when the sun sets. Red, orange, with a pretty golden glow! Or a magnificent purple sky with an orange rim around the sun. This is something you only experience during your seaside holiday. Check out our Instagram page for proof.

By the way, have you ever wondered why the sky turns red when the sun rises or sets? This is because the sunlight travels a longer path through the atmosphere. Much of the colours at the end of the spectrum (red) are scattered as a result. It causes the colour of the sky to change from yellow to orange and red. Nice to know, right? And there is much more to discover during your seaside holiday.

3. Each day, there is something new to discover

The sea is not one day the same. Its landscape is in constant flux. Ebb and flow make almost every moment unique. At low tide, marvel at the many different species of birds feasting on the bottom-dwelling creatures of the Wadden region. Go exploring and walk on the beach before high tide.

Discover with your own eyes why the Wadden region has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and experience all the freedom the sea offers. On sturdy shoes, boots or - for the ultimate experience - barefoot. With your toes in the sand. And stop for a moment to reflect on the fact that from that viewpoint, the sea has no end.

4. A holiday by the sea is relaxing

Another advantage of a seaside holiday is that it is incredibly relaxing. We often fill our holidays with activities. This prevents us from resting, even though that is what holidays are really for. For anyone who wants to experience true tranquillity, a holiday by the sea is the perfect destination. Marvel at the beauty of the view and wind down, the wind blowing through your hair. Any thoughts of work and chores will begin to dissipate. It cannot be described, only experienced.

Listening to the murmur of the sea creates space in your mind for a fresh perspective on life. It is with good reason that many philosophers consider the sea their main source of inspiration.

5. The sea invites you to move

Sailing, surfing, kiting, fishing, birdwatching or mudflat hiking. During your seaside holiday, you will have ample opportunities to exercise. The beach and the sea are the perfect place to have fun and be active. On your own or in a group. The beach invites you to walk, the dyke to cycle. The wind beckons to go kite flying, the water to jump in for a swim.

Curious about what Harlingen has to offer during your seaside holiday? On this website, you will find all activities, events and places to stay. So, why hesitate? Book that well-earned holiday by the sea today.