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World Heritage Wadden Sea

The UNESCO World Heritage Site the Wadden Sea is unique in its kind and offers nature’s beauty in its rawest and purest form with a large variety of plants and animals species, not to mention the millions of migratory birds that make a stop-over at the Wadden Sea every year for a nutritious snack before their long-distance migration. The Wadden Sea, with an acreage of at least 10,000 square kilometres, is the largest contiguous wetland on earth and, with that, a treasury where the tides reign.

Experience the Wadden area

In Harlingen you can experience the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site in many ways. By waking up with a view of the mudflats, by a long walk during sunset (which may feel endless), or by a beautiful sailing trip through the area.






Dazzling skies and endless views. In wind and weather, hidden between threatening clouds, reflecting on a reflective Wadden Sea. A colour game of pink, red, and orange that keeps you amazed. Harlingen is the perfect place to enjoy a beautiful sunset. What sunset do you make Instagram worthy? #sunsetharlingen