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Ateliers and artists

Ateliers and art galleries; Harlingen is brimming with artists. Harlingen’s location by the sea and its cultural heritage make the town popular with artists. The presence of the many ateliers, art galleries and artists gives Harlingen that extra spark.

Galerie de Vis

Located on Noorderhaven, Galerie de Vis showcases the work of mainly contemporary artists from the Netherlands. The collection of this fine art gallery focusses on landscape. Of particular note are the works of Frisian expressionists, such as Gerrit Benner. Galerie de Vis offers the prospective collector an exquisite collection of modern art, and is well worth a visit if you are in Harlingen!

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Werkplaats 12

Since the spring of 2020, visual artists Erik Sok and Ellen van Putten have their residence in Harlingen’s Koningsbuurt neighbourhood. Here, they have transformed a workshop into an artistic oasis. Erik Sok mainly makes installations, some very large and some not so large, in which humour plays a major role, such as the Amsterdam viewing boxes, Nature On Its Side, Wreck Trips, and more. His three statues of freedom, without torch but with luminous horns of plenty, keep watch by the railway from Harlingen to Leeuwarden.

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Kunstcollectief Harlingen

Stichting Kunstcollectief Harlingen, an art collective, aims to make a positive contribution to the community of Harlingen through art and culture. Some of the projects they have worked on are the Harlingen city garden and ‘painting by the sea’.

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Atelier BB Aansee

On Zuiderhaven, you will find Atelier BB Aansee. This gallery of artist Wilco Berga and designer Tanja Blokland features coastal landscapes. Certainly worth a visit if you too are inspired by the sea.

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Studio Ilse Oelbers

Studio Ilse Oelbers is located in the building on Noorderhaven 111 in Harlingen. Ilse Oelbers specialises in sculptures, with human beings as her main source of inspiration. Besides her own sculptures that are on display in the studio, work by other artists is regularly showcased. Ilse Oelbers’ work is constantly evolving, so it is well worth paying additional visits to the studio.

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