In 1578, the most northern of the three natural watercourses that ran through Harlingen from east to west became the Noorderhaven. This tidal port accommodated many vessels that came from the Frisian hinterland and was connected to the sea. The Statenjacht, the ship of the Frisian Stadtholder, was often in the Noorderhaven. The port became a popular place to live for wealthy citizens. Many warehouses were also built along the water. Some names of the warehouses recall the destinations of the merchants, such as Poland, Russia, Java, and Sumatra. In 1730, town architect H.J. Norel started with the construction of the town hall, on the same site as the previous one. 

Harlingen Town Hall

After a thorough restoration, full of allure again. A “Beautiful Gem” at the Noorderhaven.

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Port warden & Bookings

The port is divided into the Noorderhaven and the Zuiderhaven. Both are tidal ports; the Noorderhaven is suitable for vessels with a draught of up to 2.20 m and the Zuiderhaven is for larger and deeper vessels. For all information and bookings click on the link below.

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