De Stenen Man statue in Harlingen

The Stenen Man (Stone Man) is a statue that was erected in Harlingen in 1576. Today, it is a national monument that sits on the Westerzeedijk next to theĀ beach at Harlingen. In 1570, a storm surge caused a flood that came to be known as the All Saints' Flood.

The coastal dikes along the whole of the Dutch and Belgian coast were severely damaged by the heavy storm. InĀ Harlingen, the damage was so severe that every effort had to be made to restore the dikes as soon as possible. All of the local people were called upon to help. The work was supervised by Caspar de Robles, who was then Stadtholder of Friesland.

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De Stenen Man
Westerzeedijk 45
8862PK Harlingen
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