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Wind down and Warm up

The moment you set foot in Harlingen you know it: You are at sea! You feel the wind through your hair, taste the salt on your skin and, obviously, smell the sea. Experience the power of the tides and brave the elements. Get a breath of fresh air and come back to yourself during a lovely walk on the beach or one of the piers. Then, start warming up in the atmospheric town centre while enjoying a snack or a drink. After a visit to Harlingen you can go for it again!

Winding down

Located on the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site, Harlingen offers a unique backdrop for a breath of fresh air. Take a walk, which may feel endless, to the end of the Noorderpier or Zuiderpier and imagine yourself a naval hero on the border of land and sea. Or sink into the soft or wet sand during a beach walk. Harlingen is beautiful in every season.

Warming up

Beautiful streets, special boutiques and shops, nice bars, bistros, and restaurants. Harlingen’s unique town centre is worth to be discovered. Get to know the Harlinger hospitality and warm yourself up. 

Places to warm yourself up