Sneek (Snits)

Discover Elfstedenstad Sneek, its surroundings and the Sneekermeer

Want to visit Sneek? Here are some tips from VVV Waterland of Friesland for your visit. What should you not miss? Where can you spend the night? And what is there to do in Sneek? Sneek, or Snits as we say in Friesland, is the water sports city of the Netherlands. Every year, the largest sailing competition event on inland waterways in Europe takes place in Sneek: the Sneekweek. But Sneek is more than water sports and the Sneekweek. The city is bustling with events, culture, unique hotspots, and nice shops. Also, don’t forget to discover the surrounding villages and the Sneekermeer (the Lake of Sneek). Don’t wait and plan your visit to Sneek today.